AI|Local Media|Resources


  • “Act as a journalist and write a news story about this meeting agenda. Use only information found in this agenda.” (post)
  • “Create four tweets with hashtags for this story.” (post)
  • “Create three hashtags for this story that will increase readership.” (post)
  • “Rephrase this narration/story/post using a maximum of 300 words.” (post)
  • “Provide interesting additional information relevant to this post.” (post)
  • “Compile a list of ten long-tail keywords related to [topic].”
  • “Write a thread of tweets discussing the advantages of relocating in [city/state/area].” *
  • “Create a list of five social media stars who were born in [city/state/area]” *
  • “Create a list of three recent news stories from [city/state/area] and provide additional relevant information for each.” *
  • “Assume I am a visitor to [city/state/area] and enjoy museums and art. List five places to visit and additional information for each.” *
  • “Rephrase this narration/story/post using language understandable to the average high school graduate.”
  • “Check the grammar in this narration/story/post.”
  • “Check the spelling in this narration/story/post.”
  • “Restate this narration/story/post in one paragraph.”
  • “Assume that I am a news reporter writing witnessing the invention of the light bulb. Write a story that I would share with a newspaper.”
  • “What is the latest political news from [city/state/area}?”
  • “Edit the following text using AP Style Guidelines.”
  • “Shorten this narration/story/post using as much of its existing language as possible.”
  • “Generate 5 social media posts for this blog post.”
  • “Generate a 2-minute video script for a Facebook ad campaign promoting our new service.”