The Total|Local Framework

Sites published by Total|Local Media look and function  differently than many other independent, digital-only local news sites.

Find out what makes them different.

Our First Site: 1812 Blockhouse
Total|Local Media’s first site has been operational since 2016, serving as an online laboratory for testing tools and methods for news collection and distribution. Join us for a quick tour of 1812Blockhouse.
Committed to Open Source
Our news sites are built using WordPress, an open source content management system. We are committed to community on the front end — and the back end as well!  Learn abour the exciting potential for this combination. Coming soon.
Our Secret Sauce
Take a look under the hood of Total|Local to find out what makes our sites different than other online only local news operations. We don't have all the answers, but we've figured a few things out. Here are seven of them.

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