The Total|Local Framework

Sites published by Total|Local Media look and function  differently than many other independent, digital-only local news sites. Find out what makes them different. Find out how you can bring one to your community.
Our First Site: 1812 Blockhouse
Total|Local Media’s first site has been online since 2016, serving as a laboratory for testing tools and methods for news collection and distribution. Join us for a quick tour of 1812Blockhouse and visit our second site, 1808Delaware.
Committed to Open Source
Our news sites are built using WordPress, an open source content management system. We are committed to community on the front end — and the back end as well!  Learn about the exciting potential for this combination. Coming soon.
Our Secret Sauce
Take a look under the hood of Total|Local to find out what makes our sites different than other online only local news operations. We don't have all the answers, but we've figured a few things out. Here are seven of them.

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